It’s basically about how an asteroid slams into the moon pushing it closer to the earth – which in turn, totally fucks with the earth’s climate & ocean tides – told through the eyes of a 16yo girl. Not sure exactly what triggered it but now whenever I’m on the bus or at home on the couch I pull out a book & read a few chapters. It was an awesome experience I’ll never forget and might be something I’ll never get to see/experience again, so I’m very thankful. Luckily it rained before they completely ran dry adult fucken chat rooms. It’s like this hidden gem that only I can see adult fucken chat rooms. We had a tour guide {lovely woman} who took us around the small island, showing us the facilities and where to get our snorkel gear & when lunch was etc. It was so beautiful & hot & sunny that we didn’t get any rain for over a whole month. By the time our food arrived I was really feeling the alcohol. Also on my ‘to read’ list is Flood by Stephen Baxter, which also has a follow up book called Ark. but please don’t hate me Till next time guys, with love, D. So far he’s gotten me hooked on Game of Thrones & Breaking Bad. We got pumped up to one of the rooms along the side of the property, looking out to the neighbouring resort {The Sheraton}. I get in the house put my bag on the chair & go up to my room & undress outta my work clothes & get into my normal clothes, then begin doing all the chores/house work that needs to be done. Who knew haha Went and saw Snow White and the Huntsman & can say to you that as of now – it’s the best new movie I’ve seen so far this year.

I’m telling you there were so many fat lazy tourists who could have actually benefitted from a healthy walk. } but she told me if I drank anymore I’d be totally sloshed & wouldn’t be able to think straight. My stepdad said he went to Fiji for 9 nights and was bored shitless by the last day – ha I can actually see where he was coming from. True Blood will be starting up in another week. The whole thing happened in under 15 seconds & the most terrifying thing was how close to the beach we were… just a few metres. For both things we WANT to do, but also to get things we NEED to do as well. These numbers are constantly growing as well. I will say though, I was expecting something totally different. We both sat up in the water & she said ‘what the fucks wrong with you’ I managed to whisper out ‘there’s a shark over there’ & went for it. And I guess that 1 ½ years has finally caught up with me & has started to alter my life style. Didn’t think anything of it, until that fish behind it turned on its side… and I saw its full length and…. They had tracks going up through the bush which we did plan on doing but after our snorkel session we collapsed on the sun chairs and then went to lunch & afterwards were too bloated for a long uphill walk. Looking at my Lana Del Rey play-list on iTunes I can tell you I have exactly 5. Like the age old saying goes, you don’t know how good you have it, till it’s gone – or something along those lines.

So I agreed not to touch anymore & loaded my stomach with delicious food. But she still has her own little style which is cute. All the shops sell all the same stuff & as they know Denarau is the tourist hot stop everything is top dollar..
. I read in the Empire magazine that she was surprised the director wanted her & was even more surprised he let her get so ‘nuts’. I called my sister over to check them out & she though they were actual baby sea snakes & flipped. ’ – hahaha fuck me it’s no wonder some people have been asking me if I’m alright & alive. Even though this blog is no longer a priority for me doesn’t mean I don’t care about it. And apparently if you just splash the water they go away. Like my aussie trip, putting this up means it happened & is now just a memory. And he was all wet so had obviously just come from swimming. I just wish the days where longer & we got more time off, but then again doesn’t everybody. ...

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